Text Message Spy

With the innovations made in the field of technology, you can always rely on its fruits for gaining maximum results. When it comes to spying on your spouse, or child, you might not afford to hire an FBI agent, but you can do the same with the help of some software and applications that have been developed for this particular purpose.

Text Message Spy5 applications that can help you spy

You are busy in your board meeting with your future clients, while your spouse might be planning to spend the weekend with her young boyfriend and you are not even aware of such a scenario. But from now on, you would not be cheated anymore as the tech developers have created several mobile applications that can help you take a close look at their daily routine. These Text Message Spy applications not only spies over the message contents in their inbox and outbox, but also tracks their activity in the social media without their knowledge.

Trick or Tracker version 3.0

This particular spy app was developed by Mr. Wayne Irving, CEO of Iconosys. His motive behind the development of such an application was to track down his children and find out what they did in the weekends. This app is available on the platforms of the iPhone and Android, and can be downloaded from the internet. The main issue behind this application is that it has to be installed in both the phones, i.e. the one you are willing to spy and the other through which you would track it. Therefore, it is quite natural that you have to get permission of the user, so that you can download the app on that cell phone. Not only does the software track the text messages that are received and send by that phone, but it also traces the geographical location of that person as well. Thus, it can be one of the best options you can rely upon.


This particular application is meant to trace the activities that your partner’ spouse’ friends and children perform over the internet. One of the most interesting features of this software is that one does not need to download it, or accept the invitation you have send, for getting tracked. You can log in to the application and find out what your friends are doing. It even tracks down the location of the user, thus allowing you to get a satisfying answer to your mind’s question.

Phone Tracker

It is one of those applications that can provide you with valuable information regarding each and every movement of your partner. Starting from remote text message monitoring, the app also uses GPS to track location of the suspect. Hence, even if you are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, you can still come to know about your spouse’s weekend plans. Despite of such positive qualities, the only drawback of this application is that both you and your partner needs to download it. Otherwise, it can never track her/him. Now, it can be estimated that no one would be interested to be tracked unless he is James Bond, from the movie ‘Skyfall’.


It is similar software that has been developed for Android and Apple platforms. It has all the qualities that have been incorporated in the ‘Phone Tracker’, but with some extraordinary modifications. One of such characteristics of the application is that it can even track the speed in which your partner is travelling along with the place.

Find your friends

This Text Message Spy software has been designed not only for monitoring mobile movements, but it also tracks the location of people through GPS. Therefore, it allows you to understand what the suspect is about to do and thus, you can collect evidence that can help you in your operation.

These applications can be the best bet, you can rely upon for spying upon your partner, friend, or even your child. But before all the operations you plan to perform, take into account all the legal regulations of your state. Spying on someone can lead to worse results, including imprisonment.